Hostal SuYa

Cerro, La Habana

  • 1 bedroom

Booking options

  • Room for up to 2 people the night 22.50 USD /Bedrooms Night

    TV, Fridge, Room service, / 1 double bed


It offers small apartment new and very cozy, in the central town Cerro municipality. Special, for tourists who come to know the Cuban reality of these times. In Cerro is located in the heart of Havana, it is said to have the key to our city, mainly because it borders many of the municipalities of tourist referential of the country.  Close to Old Havana, Havana Center and the capital city Vedado.; 15 minutes walking from our Plaza de la Revolucion. 3 blocks from the Avenida de Rancho Boyeros, via spedita toward José International Airport;

Bathroom, kitchen, doorway, double bed, TV, hot and cold water, gas station.


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