Don Vicente

Santa Clara, Villa Clara

  • 1 bedroom

  • Breakfast

  • Free Parking

Booking options

  • Room for up to 4 people the night 45.00 USD /Bedrooms Night

    Air conditioning, TV, Fridge, Room service, 2 Personal beds / 1 double bed

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Main features: Independent bedroom with terrace; capacity for 4 people in an area of ​​16 m2, air conditioning (Split), bath with cold and hot water, TV, mini bar, covered terrace or balcony with table and chairs, and a smoking area. Tile floors, brick walls, wood and glass carpentry.

Main features of the house (ground floor): Common areas: Hall, parlor, intermediate terrace, dining room, playground, rotisserie, fruit trees cultivated without the use of chemical substances, garage for several cars. Breakfast included in your price.

Other  services (not included in the price): Laundry and car washing

Brief description of the city of Santa Clara. Santa Clara, City founded on July 15, 1689 and a population of more than 250,000 inhabitants. Located in the center of the island, it has an international airport with flights from the US, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Argentina and several European countries. Santa Clara has the monument erected to the figure of Ernesto Guevara - Che, as well as other sites related to Che.

Santa Clara has one of the most prestigious study centers in the country, Central University Marta Abreu founded in 1952. Santa Clara is also known as the City of Marta Abreu, benefactress, for the construction of the Theater La Caridad, the public lighting, the nursing home, among other works of benefit for the people. In Santa Clara there is a cultural center of great popularity named El Mejunje, place where a great variety of cultural manifestations are exhibited.


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