Hostal Trevijano

Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos

  • 2 bedrooms

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

Booking options

  • Room for up to 3 people the night 30.00 USD /Bedrooms Night

    Air conditioning, TV, Room service, 1 Personal bed / 1 double bed

  • Room for up to 3 people the night 30.00 USD /Bedrooms Night

    Air conditioning, TV, Room service, 1 Personal bed / 1 double bed

Available services


Located in the Historical Center of the City of Cienfuegos (World Heritage Site), 500 meters from the Jose Central Park. Marti, of the Cathedral and Tomys Theater Terry, near the nightclub Benny Mor & eacute; and Cienfueguero Boulevard. A few blocks away you will find restaurants with different types of meals. ). The space is cozy, has a hall, exclusive for the guest, an environment decorated with comfortable seats. Ideal for couples, business travelers. The house is located in the center of the city, where you can enjoy a neoclassical architecture. The breeze from  Jagua Bay accompanies the walk through the charming streets of the well-named Pearl of the South. For the rental service we have a comfortable entrance hall, two rooms provided with TV, two beds (personal and double), independent bathroom, hot and cold water 24 hours a day, total capacity for 6 people at the request of the guest we provide breakfast, lunch and cocktails, we manage car rentals, guided excursions, accompanying the guest at immigration stops, or others. Internet access (Wi Fi) from the house.

The bay of stock exchange of Cienfuegos, next to one of the best bays of the world, by its dimensions, draft and security, this city is considered an architectural jewel of great French influence. City of notable heritage buildings, exhibits a preserved historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in which buildings of different styles that follow one another stand out harmoniously, and an urban layout that confirms it as Perla del Sur .Cure Cienfuegos is to start an adventure through time. From here it is easy to access areas of notable landscape value. Close to the city,  the Sierra del Escambray, which corresponds to Cienfuegos, is the richest area from a landscape point of view in the province because of the variety of landscapes that can be found and where mountain ranges alternate with forest or valleys and even coastal areas, because here the mountain range ends almost at sea, a singularity only seen in Cuba in the south of the Sierra Maestra, in the east. This region is also a paradise for lovers of ecotourism.


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