The Grapefruits. House Deisy

Calle Rafael Trejo no.125 e/ Sergio Dopico y Celso Matagoto

Characteristics of the Houses

  • 1 bedroom
  • Cold and hot water
  • Breakfast
  • Free Parking

Description of the Houses

Masonry dwelling, with concrete cover, and Creole tile, with adequate ventilation, consists of a portal, living room, parlor, terrace, kitchen, and the room with an independent bathroom that is rented with independent entrance and by the house itself. Services of lunches and dinners are offered in coordination with the owners. From the portal of the house you can enjoy the best views of the national park. This is located in the center of vineyards only 200  meters from the Bus station, Polo Montanas square, the Churches and the Art gallery, among other distractions.

Booking options

  • Room for up to 4 people the night($)

    Air conditioning, Fridge, Room service, / 2 double beds

Available services

  • Breakfast ($) /person